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You are invited to join NACE! 

The secure online application features membership options with NACE for these categories:


Available to individuals currently employed or self-employed in, or who supply the catering, event, or hospitality industries. Professors and teachers of accredited, college level courses relating to the catering, special events and hospitality industries may also join. Professional members may vote in chapter and NACE national elections, hold any office in which they meet the required criteria and serve on committees. Professional members will be assigned to a chapter in their geographic area or, if no chapter exists in their location, the member will be considered a member at-large.

Cost: $415 annually


This membership category is available to businesses with three or more people at the same company. A discount is provided for multiple members and the company must maintain at least two members at all times. 

Cost: $315 annually


Legacy membership allows dedicated NACE members to receive a discounted annual rate as reward and recognition for years of membership and dedication to the industry. To apply, you must be a current member in good standing, have been a member for at least 15 years, and be 60 years old or older.

Cost: $220 annually (email [email protected] for eligibility)


Available to full-time employees of non-profit organizations. Must be 501(c)3, (c)4,(c)5 or (c)6.  

Cost: $330 annually (proof of non-profit status required)


This membership is available to individuals enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college or university hospitality undergraduate or graduate program. Please note - this membership will not be approved until proof of enrollment is received. 

Cost: $55 annually (proof of enrollment required)

Young Professional

This membership available to those individuals under 30 years of age who are employed or self-employed in or who supply the catering, event, or hospitality industries.

Cost: $255 (under 30, copy of ID required)